A representative,  sample of how TRIMMS is being used or cited at federal, state and local levels.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Transportation Air and Quality (OTAQ).  This study conducts a sketch-planning travel activity analysis, using a combination of TRIMMS (a TDM sketch planning tool I developed) and MOVES emissions modeling to estimate potential emission reductions from combinations of travel efficiency strategies:

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Operations – Operation Benefit/Cost Analysis Desk Reference.  Chapter 4 lists  TRIMMS as one of 12  existing benefit-costs tools and methods:

FHWA, Office of Planning, Environment, & Realty (HEP) – Congestion Management Process (CMP) Guidebook.  The guidebook lists TRIMMS as one of the tools available to assess congestion management strategies:

(FHWA) Office of Operations – Integrating Demand Management into the Transportation Planning Process: A Desk Reference.  Chapter 9 lists TRIMMS as one of  4 TDM impact assessment tools currently available:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Transportation Air and Quality (OTAQ) used TRIMMS to conduct a comprehensive study to provide support for national policy-level assessments of transportation control measures (TCM) listed in the Clean Air Act and other strategies, such as road pricing and smart growth, to reduce emissions and vehicle miles of travel (VMT).  The OTAQ analysis employed TRIMMS to estimate the national potential reductions in VMT under a variety of scenarios through the period 2010-2050:

San Diego Association of Governments – “Integrating Transportation Demand Management Into the Planning and Development Process – A Reference for Cities.  The report mentions  TRIMMS as a applicable sketch-planning model: p31

 The Washington State Department of Transportation. WSDOT used TRIMMS  to study the feasibility of using TDM strategies within a regional travel demand model: 

San Joaquin Council of Governments, California.  Dowling Associates used TIRMMS in the preparation of a TDM Plan for San Joaquin:

 City of Asheville and French Broad River MPO, North Carolina used TRIMMS in the development of a Long Range TDM Plan:

 The National Center for Transit Research introduces an web-based  course as part of the Commuter Choice Certificate program.  See for online recordings and material.

The Victoria Transport Policy Institute “Online TDM Encyclopedia” references TRIMMS as TDM evaluation tool:

The Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Report 95: “Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes: Employer and Institutional TDM Strategies” lists TRIMMS

FHWA’s Integrating Demand Management Into the Transportation Planning Process lists TRIMMS as a TDM evaluation model: